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INCA Capital – Private Money Lending Team

Many private lenders are finance or technology generalists.  The principals of INCA Capital are not only subject matter experts but have been intimately involved in real estate since the early 1980’s including lending, developing, building, banking and auditing real estate  The INCA principals combined real estate experience exceeds 75 years with brand name companies, including more than 40 years in private lending.

I have used the INCA guys for over 10 years, best money lender around.

Art CunninghamDeveloper

As a local banker I often come across the need for private money when our bank can’t perform, the guys over at INCA are always my first call.

Steve LoonamBanker

INCA Capital was able to underwrite, approve and close the loan within 10 days.

Steve LaTerraMyers Group

I have referred all my clients to the guys over at INCA, I would not trust anyone else with my clientele!

Keaton MerrellWalker Dunlop

We have had lenders in the past commit to a loan and then back out, INCA has performed time and time again without exception, INCA closes.

Brian BurdzinskiWatt Companies

We have funded several loans with Justin and Brandon at INCA and they made the process quick and efficient.

Steve PritulskyWatt New Leaf

Best pricing and customer service.

Michael HsiungDeveloper